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01 February 2010 @ 03:25 am
you are all i ever wanted, heartbreak.  
robbie: I can promise you that nothing bad will ever happen to you.
jenna: i don't want you to make that promise
jenna: because that is a promise you cannot keep
jenna: i want you to promise me that you will love me, that you will be honest and giving and truthful in your love, and that you will never lie to me to protect me.
robbie: i need to find a band-aide for my head.
jenna: i want you to be the stupid teenage boy i fell for, not a character out of a novel. i want you, real and human and full of failures and weaknesses, because it's all those cracks and flaws that make you whole. i want to love you and make the bad things seem good. i want to love you and know that no matter what, it doesn't matter what anyone says because-- would you stop being a five year old for like, five seconds and listen.
robbie: i do love you. i am. i am.
jenna: i want to love you, and know that no matter what, i can fall asleep beside you and wake up to another day.
(that's all i ever wanted.)
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